Information about the ADI tribe
The Adis are quite a number of tribal groups, scattered over the Siang districts and the Lower dibang valley district of Arunachal: Padams ,Pasis, Minyongs, Panggis, Shimongs, Boris,Bokars,Komkars,Milangs etc. They have a common language with dilectal variations depending on the region. The structures of the villages differ likewise.

One of the most striking features of the Adi society is its highly organised political institution represented by the kebang. It is largely an informal body comprising of the men in the village. Any adult male is automatically a member. Not the women however. Don't know why. Like only a rooster crows in the morning and not a hen, women dont crow in kebangs, thats wat i was told :-) The kebang settles administrative matters and also have judicial powers. The kebang is usually presided over by the village headman or the gam bura (as seen in picture on the left). The British recognised the authority of the kebangs and started giving the gams red coats.Another important feature of an Adi village is the community hall. It is called a "dere" in minyong, "moshup" in padam, the milangs call it "ngaptek" and the boris and the ashings call it "byango". It usually occupies the centre of the village and is longer and bigger than the other houses of the village. This is where many a kebangs take place as well as the feasts and festivals of the village.

The Adis have largely settled down to an agragrian life and so the major festivals are linked with the agriculture cycle. The first of these festivals is "aran" which is somewhere in spring, a time when the clearing of the jungle has been completed. The entire village abstain from work on these days. The men go on community hunt and fishing. It is is followed by the mopun which is celebrated after the sowing of crops is done. But the biggest of the adi festivals is "Solung" which takes palce after the final weeding of the paddy crop is over. It is in early september. There are feasts, sacrifices and lots of festivities going on.