History of Pasighat
The town Pasighat derives its name from the 'Pasis', an 'Adi' tribe of the area. It is the oldest town of Arunachal Pradesh and was established in 1911. The British government had appointed a political officer with a view to help the natives of the area to come down to the plains of Assam for trade and commerce.

The Adis are a tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. They reside in the far north and have different sub-tribes, which differ from each other in many ways and custom. If you travel far inside the tribal settlement areas, you will find all these tribes, but visiting all of them in one short visit might not be possible.

The Adis are experts at making cane and bamboo items. One of the most interesting things u will get to see enroute to the Adi villages are the hanging bridges which are solely made out of the local materials (mainly cane and bamboo).

The picture on the left is one such, over the river Siang, linking Karko village to Yingkiong. Living in such remote areas, the tribes have to be totally self-sufficient. They raise their own crops n grow vegetables. Fishing is a necessary activity among the tribes and besides that hunting is widespread. A typical meal consists of rice, boiled vegetables and meat, maybe rat meat, which the locals relish. Rice beer, which the locals call 'apong' is a must have. For instructions on how to prepare 'apong', you may contact Henk ;-)