Foundation and Causes
Arunachal Charity Home, Dibrugarh branch is located in circuit house road, near J.J Memorial hospital, Dibrugarh and was established on 1st may, 2007 under the leadership of mr. Jobang Modi and mr. Oyin paron and was inaugurated by then m.p, east parliamentary constituency, mr. Tapir Gao.

Arunachal Charity Home (A.C.H) was established with a view to ease the burning problems being endured by Arunachalee patients in Dibrugarh.
Many a time it has been observed that whenever poor, illiterate and ignorant people from far-flung areas of our state come down to Dibrugarh for medical treatments , they are exploited of their ignorance and innocence at every nook and cranny by some anti social elements in the city. Be it an auto rickshaw or a peddle rickshaw, a shop or a pharmacy, a hotel or a hospital, they suffer inconveniences as it’s new to them. But, worst of all is when a patient expires in a hospital in Dibrugarh, instead of evoking public sympathy it draws the greed of some anti-social elements stalking for an opportunity to exploit at that very situation. hence, the ambulance and ferry fare is tripled taking advantage of the situation.

In order to overcome all these inconveniences a group of educated and persevering youths of our state in collaboration with some well-wishers from Dibrugarh came forward to establish this society i.e. “Arunachal Charity Home”.

It is the home where today Arunachalee people take shelter, share kitchen and eatables and also their peace and sorrow and their experiences in a place away from their home.

A.C.H provides feeding, lodging and kitchen facility at the most nominal rate.we always try to guide our patients to the right doctors and hospitals and also ensure our patients that they are given the right treatments and also at the nominal rate. Moreover, we provide ambulance service to the patients at the most nominal rate, especially for the mortal remains.